What is Henna?

Henna or otherwise known in hindi mendhi is a reddish or brown dye used to colour skin or hair, created by powedered down leaves from the hina plant (a small tree). When mixed with lemon juice, water, sugar and essential oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree you are left with a paste that can be applied to the skin easily. The dye in henna (lawsone) binds to the keratin in the skin which leaves a temporary stain. 


Essentially, henna tattoos are safe, however anyone can be allergic to anything, right? Henna paste is made from the leaves from the hina plant, mixed with lemon juice, sugar and essential oils - it's totally natural. Black henna is where you need to be wary and is what has been giving henna bad name in the press. Black henna uses a chemical called PPD which makes the henna last longer and gives it a "black" stain. PPD can be found in a lot of hair dyes and is not meant for skin so it is best to stay away from this and ask your artist what ingredients they use in their paste.

how can i prepare before my henna tattoo?

Prior to your henna make sure that your skin is clear from all lotions and oils. This includes sun lotions and moisturiser. Make sure that you have exfoliated the skin 1-2 days before having your henna tattoo and prepare to have someone with you to drive if you are having your palms or feet done.


Once your henna paste has been applied you need to leave it on your skin foras long as possible - 1hour minimum up to 12 hours. 

Some people wrap their henna using sealant (lemon and sugar), tissue and cling film as this helps to keep your henna in place if you were to keep it on overnight. 

Steam your henna - it's as easy as putting your arm over a simmering saucepan of water. 

Keep your skin warm - this will help your henna stain the best as possible.

Avoid water in the first 12 hours and as long as you possibly can on the day of taking your henna paste off, if you want to use water apply oil on the stain first to repel the water


This is the fun bit. When you have left your henna on for as long as possible, scrape your henna paste off WITHOUT using water. Use a card or just your nail. If there are any stubborn bits that won't come off, use some oil on a cotton bud. 


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