Group & Individual Bookings

The Henna Hub can be booked for a group and individual bookings. A deposit of 20% must be made to secure your booking - this is refundable up to a month prior to your appointment. We use safe, natural hand mixed henna paste to ensure that you know exactly what is being applied to your skin. We use the best ingredients to make sure your henna tattoo is of high quality.


(4 or more people)

Henna Tattoos Only

One hand (any design) -  £15 per person

Two hands (any design)  -  add extra £10

Henna Tattoo + 1.5 hour workshop

Scroll down to read more about our workshops

£25 per person

(includes one small professional henna per person)


Large design  :  + £5

Two hands  :  + £10

(Workshops include making 2 henna cones per person, professional guidance, one small professional henna tattoo per person and a henna goodie bag each - **bag is adapted depending on the event)


one hand / two hand


SMALL DESIGN  :  £5 - 10/£10 - £15

MEDIUM DESIGN  :  £10 - 20/£15 - £30

LARGE DESIGN  :  £15 - £30/ £20 - £60


For anyone going through chemotherapy treatment




Our workshops are a fun, intimate way of learning the ins and outs of this ancient art! You will learn how to mix your own henna paste from raw ingredients, learn to roll your henna cones & have a go at henna-ing yourself!

You can book your event just to include a workshop and nothing else all for £10 per person! We can either do this in a space you provide (which will get messy!) or we can bring our bell tent and set this up!


 Get in touch to book this.

Bridal Henna

The Henna Hub is here to make your big day even more special. We are available to create unique henna for the bride and her guests. We will arrange a free consultation where we will discuss what kind of design you would like and will send you what we have in mind. This can be adjusted until you are 100% happy with what we have designed for you. We will send you a preparation package which will include all of the information you need to make sure your skin is ready for the best stain possible.

Please contact us for prices and make sure to include how much of your body you would like to cover, how many guests you would like to include and the days you have in mind.



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